Kevin Brookhouser. Teacher, Trainer, Technologyer.

I have been teaching English and history for over fifteen years beginning as a graduate fellow teaching world literature and creative writing at Lynchburg College. After earning my M.Ed., I moved to Crested Butte, Colorado to instruct snowboarding in the mornings and English and history in the afternoons at a ski academy for aspiring Olympians. From there, I moved to San Francisco to float on the dot-com bubble, working in the marketing department of an online auction company until the call back to teach rang too loudly, at which time I moved to Squaw Valley to teach in the classroom and on the snow once again. In 2002 my new bride and I moved to her hometown, Monterey County, to pursue my teaching career at York School and her career at the SPCA for Monterey County.

I currently teach the sophomore English class at York, which is a blend of a traditional English class with a significant portion of new media studies. Shakespeare is definitely on the agenda, but so is podcasting, filmmaking, and audience building. I use technology as a central component in all of my classes.

My latest creation is grmr.me, a resource for writing teachers and students, which highlights the most common writing errors with videos on how to identify and fix the errors. Students can then quiz themselves, and once they have completed the quizzes successfully, they earn a badge. 
I am a Google Certified Teacher and Google Apps for EDU Certified Trainer. When I am not teaching students, I am often teaching teachers how to effectively employ technology in the classroom.

I am an active surfer, mountain biker, rock climber, and tennis ball thrower (for the dogs of course).
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