20time Students Whip up Tasty Dishes in a Jiffy

World over students are the same-–they love to eat good food but have little access to it. Given their hectic schedules, eating a proper meal becomes something of a rarity. Microwave meals and canned food is common but students do get sick and tired of it if they have to eat it day in and day out. Hence, looking for cheap and nutritious meals becomes much more than a mere pastime.

It wouldn’t be so bad for students if they had some way that they could whip up some tasty and healthy dishes in a jiffy—as they don’t have much time hanging on their hands.

As part of the 20time project, Savannah, Bella and Alexa decided to come together and focus on something that everyone enjoys –eating. Students have to choose one learning goal or project to study and implement over a period of time—either a whole semester or an entire school year. The aim of choosing such a project was to help average teenagers cater to their daily needs—at least as far as eating went.

The point of the project was to allow students to appease their hunger. With easy-to-follow recipes, cooking is more a pleasure than a pain and students can make easy snacks that will satisfy their palates and appease their hunger.

So whether you’re a beginner learning the rudiments of cooking or a more advanced student cook who can handle complicated recipes, there’s something for everyone. In additions to recipes, the website offers daily cooking tips too that make cooking a breeze.

For the untutored student cook who doesn’t know the difference between a spoon and a ladle, there are video tutorials that will carry them through the whole process, making it easy for them. As these tutorials combine visual and audio and are carried out in a very informal way, it’s easy for students to follow directions and instructions.

The advantage of having a readymade website catering to the needs of hungry students is that it allows them to save time, money and most importantly eat fresh and healthy. Diets need no longer hover round heated soups and canned beans; students can have variety, can eat to their hearts content and feel healthily full. 

Satisfy your tummy and your heart will be in learning—that’s the student mantra. This website, which caters to the student category, will help them do that. It’s a great place to learn how to whip up a meal that will not only keep their tummies full but will also help to keep their bank account from breaking.

Keep watching—they will keep adding new tutorials and new recipes so that you can have an easier and a better time. It’s hard to work on an empty stomach, but this website will help you eat your fill, feel satiated and work with a will. The grey cells will be at their best when the stomach stops growling.